Is It Summer Yet?

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It seems that, in true Chicago spirit, we have all stopped waiting for spring to arrive and have decided, instead, to declare loudly that it is here, regardless of what the weather may be doing or undoing.  The cruel joke of snow on April 15th is only the most recent installment in what has been the most drastic winter and almost hilariously erratic spring I can remember in my 24 years in this city.  

So if you’re one of the folks who has been asking, “Hey, when are you gonna start making that (best ever in the whole world) sour cherry lemonade again?!” the answer is “I have no idea.”  It’s kind of hard to make a plan about lemonade when it snowed like 3 days ago.

But, like I said, we’re all trying to be above the whimsy of the seasons, and just go all gung-ho into our normal summer routines, which is why brunching, coffee-ing, weekend outing season seems to have gotten into full swing a few months early.  If RealFeel temperatures of -45 didn’t let us miss work, we are certainly not going to be deterred from breakfast on the patio by 38!  And in honor of the upper 60s/low 70s that happened last weekend, the whole Heritage staff got to participate in the busiest day on record since we opened more than two years ago.  So thank you, everyone.  It is always a pleasure, and a thrill, to sling lattes for you (or on you, depending on your luck and our coordination), and check in with your weekend plans, and visit with your kids, and grill hot dogs etc. etc.

If these few weeks have been any indication, it looks like we’re walking into a pretty epic and energetic summer.  This Sunday is Easter, which means we will be serving the best of the Bang Bang Pie flavors (Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Coconut, and Rhubarb Crumble), as well as the usual host of decadence from Glazed and Infused, and Southport Grocery.  If you haven’t already tried our Easter-inspired white chocolate rosemary espresso and milk beverage, that should be on your list of “Things-to-do-before-it’s-May.”  

Plus, for a limited time only (!!) we are pouring-over these Colombian beans that make just the most delicious, sweet and sour, dark fruit, melt-in your mouth not in your hands kind of coffee yum ever so you should probably come and have some of that.

Next thing you know it’ll be Mother’s Day and then Memorial Day and then 4th of July and then we’ll all be whining about how hot it is and how quickly the summer is going by and then it’ll be all beautiful and autumn and pumpkin spice.  I only remind you in order to encourage that whole live in the moment mentality.

Oh, and also, the ancient Greeks thought Hares were hermaphrodites and could impregnate themselves and thereby maintain their virginity, which made them holy animals and that’s why the Easter bunny brings you baskets of peeps.

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