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Everyday, I get questions, comments, and excited little tidbits of information from our customers regarding bicycles, and I have to apologize to them, because that’s all Greek to me, but, I assure them, that I can talk their ear off about coffee if that’s what they’re into.  

So I’m going to do that.

Now you can do this at home (image via

Heritage General Store is now offering one on one home brewing classes with me, Adam!  These classes are intended to be a focused block of time dedicated to what motivates you with regards to coffee.  Whether it’s fine tuning your home pour over, wrapping your mind around that siphon pot you picked up on a whim, or just producing the best cup possible out of your tried and true Mr. Coffee, there’s always something to be learned, and there’s something to be gained, moving one step closer to producing the same caliber brew at home as you might find at Heritage or your other favorite haunts.

That siphon that you are finally going to learn how to use (image via

One of the aims of this new program is to demystify the brewing processes that often appear to only be revealed after one dons flannel and grows out their mustache, without the pressure and dead-serious attitude that often permeates coffee culture.  

Coffee is fun, but, culturally, it doesn’t always feel that way.  I want to create a situation where you can feel free to let your hair down, speak openly without fear of a snark-attack.

So let’s get the very most out of those bags of coffee that you so diligently pick up every week.  

Let’s reach inside each of those hand picked beans and pull out all of the hidden notes and delicious flavors.  

Let’s get motivated to appreciate the little things, fresh and finely tuned coffee, that you can produce yourself, with consistency, every day.

Let’s make this happen!


Topics will include, but are not limited to:
-Kalita Wave Brewer-
-Beehouse Brewer-
-French Press-
-Cafe Solo-
-Home Espresso and Getting the Most out of Your Home Machine-
-Milk Steaming and Latte Art-
All affairs include one 12oz bag of Stumptown Coffee
Group sessions are welcome either in shop or in your home or office.
Please Contact:
For More Information Including Pricing and Scheduling


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We hope to be hearing from you soon.




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