Heritage Outpost or Clearing My Quite Full Plate

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I believe it says  “Foolish is the person who misses his chance and afterwards reproaches fate”
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In ancient Iran, some dishes (plates, bowls) had short proverbs or dictums engraved in the dish.  Buried by the meal, these adages only reveal themselves as the food is consumed, and an appropriate dinner conversation can take form on the basis of the talking points arranged around the dish. This prompt for (the lost art of) dinner conversation could be considered the lasting objective of the meal.  One’s hunger for physical sustenance has lapsed, but the hunger for knowledge, understanding and opinion can only grow with new thoughts thrust at the endless void where human understanding resides.

With that in mind, I've had a lot on my plate over the last few months. I dove headfirst into the construction and coordination of the newest Heritage outgrowth, Heritage Outpost. The components involved in the opening of a new cafe are copious at best and overwhelming at their worst.  I've had to immerse myself in city health codes, literature on all the different voltages available and required in our outlets (and then all the different outlets for each voltage), researching materials appropriate for building out in a ‘historic building,’ and learning the ups and downs of what brand new espresso machines have to offer.  I feel like I've learned a lot (but, I’ve still not figured out how one trains 6 new baristas at the same time).  It’s all been exciting and has consumed me as much as I’ve been consuming the material, but all the individual bits and pieces involved are starting to clear, and the message is becoming less hazy.


The dish has slowly been clearing at Heritage Outpost (Photo via @HeritageBicycle)

My plate is not yet empty, but I have some suspicions about the rest of the text obscured by the last T’s that need crossing and the I’s that need dotting. I contend that the message will read as such: Outpost is for the people, the coffee people, the hot chocolate people, the tea drinkers and the deep thinkers.  Outpost is for Uptown! Outpost is for the commuters (we have a walk up window!) and the sit-with-your-computers. Outpost is for the socializers and the social outcasts.  Outpost is the next branch stemming from the tree that's firmly rooted in Chicago.

Heritage Outpost will be the living manifestation of that now hidden device, 7 days a week, on the ground floor of the new Flats apartment building located at 1325 W Wilson St in Chicago. It will be a full service cafe, complemented by gorgeous and comfortable seating arrangements (rooftop seating and events are arriving when it’s actually fun to sit on a rooftop in Chicago… springtime), and the same caliber of friendly and personable staff the community has come to expect from the growing Heritage family.


The message starts to reveal itself
There’s something brewing beyond these walls (image via @HeritageBicycle)

As Outpost settles in, the impact of the newly revealed dictum will begin to reveal itself with in the context of it’s environment (what’s truly more interesting, the fact, or what the fact means and how it relates to the universe that surrounds the fact?). When the doors open in the next few days, I’ll start shifting gears and will have some new plates thrust in front of me, the goals clear, but the revelatory message will appear hazy until it can find a way to distinguish itself.  

(Heritage Outpost is located at 1325 W Wilson St in Chicago’s Uptown Neighborhood, it’s slated hours of operation are from 6am to 7pm, seven days a week.  Heritage Outpost is planning to softly open it’s doors during the week of the 16th of December. Opening party TBA! All inquiries regarding Outpost can be directed to Outpost@HeritageBicycles.com)

Cafe Coffee Outpost Uptown

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