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Coffee tastes better in the Fall.  That seems to be the universal consensus.  And luckily enough Stumptown has rolled out a whole bunch of new coffees just in time to quench that caffeine hankering that rolls in as everything becomes crisp, and clear, and crunchy.  If you are one of those folks who really wants to taste the whole spectrum, from green apple, hops, and lime, to maple, walnut, and butterscotch, to plum, cherry, and dark chocolate, then the coffee tasting we are hosting on Wednesday the 9th is right up your alley.  If you are the type who just loves to savor a well-crafted cup of coffee every once in a while, keep your eyes on our pour-over board, which will let you know what bean we are featuring each week in an effort to introduce us and you to each coffee Stumptown’s impressive single origin menu offers.

So that’s the straight-up, for those who stick to the pure and simple.  Bread and butter coffee drinkers.  Or maybe croissant and creme fraiche coffee drinkers. This is quality we’re talking about here, right?

We’re a playful lot, though, so autumn is a good time to start throwing apples and pumpkins and cinnamon into pretty much everything we do.  If you can drink pumpkin in your coffee, why wouldn’t you?  Lattes = yum, pumpkin = yum- foregone conclusion folks.  In the true spirit of Chicago, which has been statistically proven to be one of the greatest pumpkin loving cities in the United States of America, (I’m actually not joking on this one you guys) we have perfected a unique pumpkin experience, which we think tastes great and is an awesome step removed from the ultra-sweet, cloying pumpkin syrups we’ve tasted everywhere else.  And yes, it has real pumpkin in it.

Recently I was engaged in a conversation by a friend as to whether or not our other fall special, the “House-Made Apple Cider,” is actually apple cider.  The answer is no.  It’s not a “true cider,” which is defined, according to the great internets of ours, as “the juice pressed from apples or other fruits, used for drinking before fermentation (sweet cider) or after fermentation (hard cider).”  So you got us.  Not a single apple has been pressed in the making of this cider.  But I have it on the highest authority (which in these cases is always the opinion of folks under the age of 12) that this golden drink “tastes just like apple pie!” I’m gonna come down on the side of semantics on this one.  But the choice is all yours.

That will get us through October just perfectly.  The greatest coffee in the world made every kind of way- the silly ways, the traditional ways, the milky ways, and the right-out-of-the-roaster-take-it-home-and-make-it-your-way.  Any and all ways, we are open every day letting that blinding sunlight in through the early morning windows, and sweating through these bizarre tropical thunderstorms in the late afternoons when no one can decide if it’s an iced coffee or a hot coffee kind of day.  Come celebrate every Chicagoans favorite season by milking the last days of patio tanning, and that strange and special comfort that comes from watching a chill rain from the dry side of the window.  We are keeping the cold at bay for the time being.  And when we can’t do anything about it anymore, we’ll talk chocolate and peppermint, and the coffee you buy just to keep your hands warm.


~Delaney Nichols

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