Winter is Coming.

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I'm reluctant to say this, but Winter is coming. Tough pill to swallow after the wrath of the last one, I know. For some of us, riding our bikes is everything. From commuting, to racing, to riding to bar to meet up with some friends for a couple of Old Styles on a Tuesday night! For me, it's all I really have. The morning crispness in the air really makes me feel alive and offers that boost of excitement for the day that unfortunately the coffee can't give you. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't always want to cooperate.


My everyday bike is a heavy, steel, dented, scratched, beater...and I love it. It's equipped with all of the right pieces and parts for wherever I need to go. I have an Origin8 front cargo rack so I can avoid the dreaded sweaty back. A nicely broken in Brooks B17 (honey, of course), Knog Blinder 4's, Schwalbe Delta Cruiser puncture resistant tires (studded tires for when the snow flies) and most of all, Velo Orange Hammered fenders! Luckily, here at Heritage, we keep all that stuff in stock so if winter doesn't catch you off-guard.


It's getting dark earlier and earlier, invest in some good lights to see and be seen on the road. Knog makes great rechargeable LED lights that are powerful and provide easy on and off. For the more serious riders and those who don't want to have to remember to bring or charge their lights, dynamo lighting options are the rule, not the exception. The combination of front generator hub with front and rear led lights are pure magic. They offer bright light (brighter than some cars) that flows in a never-ending stream as you pedal. Good-thing we specialize in custom wheel builds, built by hand by our experts, come and talk to us. 


Starting today, if you come in to buy a set of fenders, studded tires, dynamo lighting, racks, or pretty much anything to protect yourself from winter, we'll give you half off the normal installation fee. Hopefully, that help will pull you though the winter grind, and leave you with a sliver of hope that spring will return again.



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