Hello, my name is Ben!

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Hi everybody. If you have been in the shop recently we have probably met, but if not I’m Ben, the head mechanic and new guy at Heritage. 


I wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know where I'm coming from and what I envision for the bike shop at Heritage. The Bicycle has been a huge part of my life since I was a little kid. I started out having a BMX bike like most kids. As I got older, I would go on day-long rides with my parents around Wisconsin, and also used my bike as transportation to see my friends almost every day. 

As an adult, I have been making my living from bicycles for the past 12 years. I spent seven years riding a bike for a living as a bicycle messenger and the past five years working in shops as a bicycle mechanic. In December of 2012 I went out to Colorado and acquired my USA Cycling race mechanics certification. When I am not working at the shop, I have been working as a professional race mechanic at events throughout the Midwest.  

The most important goal for me at the shop is that people should be comfortable bringing their bikes into Heritage and confident in the service you will receive. I will make sure your custom, hand-built in Chicago Heritage bicycle is assembled perfectly before it leaves the shop. I also want everyone who brings a bike in for service to feel welcome. I appreciate really nice, high-end racing bikes, but at the same time I respect the workhorse that takes you back and forth to your job every day, rain or shine. Bring in your bike for a major overhaul, or just some minor adjustments. 

See you soon.

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