Chi Cross Cup #11 - Melas CX- Basin Racin’

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This course is one of my favorites of the series, and I was SO excited to race Melas Basin this year! The organizers changed the course around quite a bit from last season, and eliminated the long climb out of the basin. However, they still kept it challenging with lots of tricky off camber turns and the addition of a steep kicker before a very long straight power section. That said, I think most of those who raced on Sunday would agree that the most difficult element of the day was the 19 degree temperature. I for one have not acclimated to those digits yet. Yikes!

Because of the temps, there were a ton of DNSs (Did Not Start) for each field on Sunday, but those that did show up tried to make the best of the conditions. The ladies at the 1/2/3 starting line were as chatty and perky as ever, and despite the crazy cold the prevailing attitude of the day was a positive and humorous one. Thanks ladies – you make even bad racing days fun! Unfortunately, as soon as my race started I could tell something was off. My legs felt like lead, and by the end of the first lap I noticed that my heart rate was waaayyyy too low—and despite all efforts to go harder, it just wasn’t happening. I’ve never been in a race where my HR was 20 beats off for the entire duration. Very frustrating, not so fun, and in the end I ended up taking 9th place—definitely a sign that it’s time for a rest week for me.

Pat lined up for the 3s… (I missed Pat’s race because I had to prep two of my kids for theirs, but I know that he had a big mechanical at the start. Something about his skewer being loose and his rear wheel popping out. But you’ll have to get the details from him).

David was off gallivanting on his road bike in Taiwan (and 80 degree weather…) this week, but Mike “Social Butterfly” Phillips managed to continue Heritage’s domination in the men’s 1/2/3 field. Mike made some more new friends on Sunday, and led the field for much of the race with a new racer to the series from Michigan. Despite the strong competition, cold temps, and lack of teammate, he still took the win.

Al took Sunday off—but won the Masters 40+ at Furrow Euro CX on Saturday. Isabel raced on both Saturday AND Sunday and saw her strongest finish yet—18th!—in the W4s on Sunday.

There is a weekend off this week in the schedule of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup. Time to get some well needed rest and prepare for the final race on December 8th!

Lindsay Knight
Heritage Race Club

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