Heritage Race Club Cyclocross CCC#2-Hopkins Park

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The second race on the Chicago Cyclocross Cup was held in Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL. The course at this venue was super fast, had lots of great flowing turns, and a flyover. A feature on the course that is very unique to cyclocross, It's an obstacle that has riders running up stairs and down a ramp and typically then the course then runs underneath later on during a lap.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez grabbed another victory in the Jr. 15-18 race. He now leads the series in points and gets to wear the leader's jersey. Pamela keeps improving her skills every week and keeps climbing in the overall. Based on the look on her face, we assure you she's having fun!

A bout of illness kept Lindsay Knight from defending her spot in the series overall. She wasn't able to finish the race, but kudos to her for lining up despite being sick. She'll be back this weekend at Dan Ryan Woods. In the Men's 1/2/3 race Mike Phillips and David Reyes had their hands full with KS Energy racer Joe Maloney from Madison, WI. Despite having to start on the last of 7 rows, Joe quickly made his way to the front of the race where a group of four distanced themselves from the rest of the race. Joe and David then broke away during the closing laps. The final trip up the stairs was where Joe made his last push to break away from David and managed to keep his gap to the line. Mike was nipped at the line for 4th place. Al Reyes fought hard and finished 27th. Matt Schweiker had a good comeback after being sick and finished 11th in the 62 man field. 

Next up is the second stop on the CCC calendar is at Dan Ryan Woods Park in Chicago on Sunday! Thanks for the support!


David Reyes

Heritage Race Club Cyclocross Team Director

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