Race #1: Jackson Park

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Sunday was the season opener for the Chicago Cyclocross Cup in Jackson Park on the south side of Chicago. There were over 800 registered racers for the day, which was a considerably larger number than last year. It's also proof that the cylcocross scene in Chicago is booming.
The course was very tight and had many many....many turns. This made your start to the race very important. If you haven't been to a cyclocross race, having a good start is very key. It can determine wether you're at the front or playing catch up for the rest of the race. The start of the race is like a stampede of racers sprinting to the first turn.
Our honorary club member, Isabel Reyes, began her first racing season at Jackson Park. A newbie to the sport of cycling, she finished 36th in the women's Cat. 4 race. Lindsay Knight had a bit of bad luck for her start of the Women's Cat. 1/2/3 race. She was able to fight back and finish 12th. Al Reyes was able to capitalize on his front row start and finished just off of the podium in 4th place in the 50+. In the Cat. 3 race, Pat Cebrzynski had a great day finishing 13th. Considering he had to start in the 4th row, getting his way back up to 13th was a great result.  I had a front row start in the men's Cat. 1/2/3 race. However, a badly timed mechanical problem cost me a podium spot on the last lap and I finished 4th.
In case you were wondering, yes Al, Isabel, and I are all related. Isabel is my older sister and Al is our dad. Bike racing has been in our family for decades.
Race #2 takes us to Hopkin's Park in Dekalb, IL. This is a favorite among most of the team memebers, so we're feeling good about the weekend ahead.
David Reyes
Heritage Race Club Team Director
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