2013 Season Has Begun

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September 7th in Rantoul, IL Al Reyes scored his first victory in the Men's 50+ race. It was hot, dry, and dusty which is not typical for cyclocross. But Al came through with a win.

A week later, Pat Cebrzynski and I went up to Lake Geneva, WI for a very wet and muddy race. Pat finished 20th out of 50 in the Category 3 race, which the largest field of the day. I managed 6th place in the Pro1/2 race after a less than desirable 3rd row start position. The challenging course was even more challenging with the wet and muddy conditions. Cyclocross at it's best!
Pat in Wisco1:
Pat in Wisco2:
David in the mud:

This past weekend was the a two day event, the Trek CXC Cup in Waterloo, WI. This is one of the premier cyclocross events held in the mid-west. Amateur races are held throughout the day followed by Pro Men and Pro Women races. On Saturday Matt Schweiker took a very strong 9th place out of a field of 90 racers in the Category 2/3 race. Pat finished well in the same race at 20th. Al Finished 20th in the 45+ and mixed it up with much younger racers in the 2/3 race and finished 47th. I lined up in the Pro Men's event alongside some of the best cyclocross racers in the country. This is much like a flyweight fighting a heavyweight fight. I gave it my best shot and finished 23rd. 
Matt Trek CXC:
Matt Trek CXC:
David Pro Men:
Day 2 was a better day for Al and Pat. Al finished 20th in the 45+ and Pat was 36th. I had an unlucky mechanical failure on the last lap of the Pro Men's race and could not finish. Two broken spokes on a rear wheel ended my race. 

In addition to all the race news, I've added a member to our Heritage Race Club family. Lindsay Knight will represent us in the Women's Cat. 1/2/3 races. She is a very quick Category 2 racer and is tough as nails. We're very happy and excited to bring her on board. 

Next up is our Chicago Cyclocross Cup season opener at Jackson Park near the Science and Industry Museum this Sunday. Check out the CCC website for details. We have riders in the Women's Cat. 1/2/3, Masters 50+, Cat.3, Women's Cat. 4, and men's Cat. 1/2/3 races. 


David Reyes

Heritage Race Club Team Director


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