Chi Cross Cup #2: Hopkins Park

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Sunday was an improvement on things all around. Just as we had hoped, the course at Hopkins Park in Dekalb, IL was awesome. It was fast, had lots of flow, and a course feature that is unique to cyclocross. The flyover. Run the stairs up one side and ride down the other. Then somewhere later on the course you ride under it. This wasn't the most critical section of the course, but running up those stairs got harder every lap.

Al got the weekend started with a hard fought 6th place finish in the 50+ race. Lindsay continued her upward trend and finished 8th in the Women Cat.1/2/3. Race Club member Isabel is still learning the ropes, improving her skills, and survived her first flyover experience. She finished 38th in the Women's Cat.4 race. Pat keeps moving up the ranks in the mens Cat.3 races and finished 11th. He has earned himself a front row start for the next race. In the men's Cat.1/2/3 race we lined up with four Heritage Race Club racers. Myself, Mike PhillipsMatt Schweiker, and Al Reyes decided at the last minute to double up. Mike had the most impressive ride of the day. In his debut race in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup, he had to start at the very back of the 50 man field. Then he made his way to the pointy end of the race within two laps and some team tactics played in our favor. Mike was able to distance himself from the rest of the field with one rider in tow from Evanston's The Pony Shop and came away with the win. I came in 5th and Matt finished 12th. An interesting side note, for winning the race Mike won $200 in quarters, nickels, and dimes.

Sunday we will be heading to the south side of the city to Dan Ryan Woods for race #3.


David Reyes
Heritage Race Club Team Director

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