Chi Cross Cup #7 – Campton Cross

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The seventh installment of the Cross Cup series is quite a haul from the city, but the technical components and terrain of the course certainly make it worth the drive. Since this race is always around Halloween, some people really get creative with their costumes. This race is a favorite of mine because of the off camber chicanes, uphill railroad ties and single-track sections. This year the ground was also fairly wet because of the multiple days of rain leading up to Sunday’s event – meaning that many of the corners were slick and some had standing water and loads of mud in them by the time the W1/2/3s were underway.

I had an ok start to the race, and wound up around 6th wheel going into the first pinch point. As we headed into the wooded section, Cady Chintis (Les Petites Victoires) took a spill right in front of me and we both went down at the first railroad tie. Thankfully, it was more of a comic crash than a serious one and we were each up and pedaling very soon after. By the end of the second lap, Cady had worked her way to the front, and I had moved up from 5th to 2nd wheel. The super muddy turn in front of the Psimet tent was a very critical factor in this race, and at this stage of the day the only rideable line was to the far outside, essentially against the tape, where there was still some grass for traction – if you didn’t take it, well, then you got passed

Unfortunately with a little over a lap to go, Tricia Fleischer (ABD) caught me and I never managed to pass her back. Tricia then tried to sprint Cady at the line, but Cady held on for the win with Tricia in a very close second and me a few seconds off them both for third. This was a great race, and also the first ladies podium for Heritage! 

The guys were missing Mike Phillips this weekend – as he was off in Michigan getting 10th at some pro mountain bike race – so David and Matt lined up as a duo to preserve the Heritage winning streak in the 1/2/3s. Matt had a crazy strong start to the race and was off the front by a few seconds as of the second lap, with David and Brian Connant and Kevin Klug from The Pony Shop in pursuit. Matt held this position for 3 laps, but then shortly after re-grouping he fractured his hand in a crash and had to pull out of the race. David then sat in and passed Connant just before the last single track section on the final lap. As Reyes later recounted, “you had to be first there in order to win”. This being the decisive move,David got another win.

As for Messrs. Consistency, Pat finished 11th(!!!!) in the 3s and Al got 7th in the 50+. Isabel was also looking really solid on the technical sections of this course, and is feeling much more confidant and fluid over the barriers at this point in the season. She wound up 28th in the W4s.

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