Spring Is So Close You Can Taste It!

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March, 2013

It’s springtime (sort of- almost-maybe?) and that means many of us are just about to stretch and prepare to venture out of our dark, cold, Chicago winter caves. If that describes you to a T, let us catch you up on what’s been going on here at Heritage, a place where even blizzards don’t shorten our work week.

First, we had the honor (the weak-at-the-knees-but-keeping-it-together-cause-being-too-excited-is-dorky) thrill to be written up in Martha Stewart Magazine last month. It was pretty sweet when Martha’s people came to the shop for a photoshoot and interview and then a few months later we are picking up the magazine to see our story in print. Another bragging moment, Basil Hayden highlighted us in the pages of GQ- we can’t help but get excited when our bikes & coffee pop up in magazine spreads.

Aside from all that fancy stuff, we are also expanding our products and the ways in which they are available to you good people! So we have, in the Littles Shop, a new toy called the Heritage Littles Teepee, which is not only super fun but also a recycled product made by hand out of burlap Stumptown coffee bags. A beautiful addition to your already very hip toddler’s bedroom, playroom, or living room (Let’s admit, they already took over that space too).

Another new ease, is that you can book your bike services online. And as a bonus, when you visit the website and sign yourself up for any type of fix-it on your bicycle, we will offer you a discount on those services. So you get the two-fold convenience of shopping from home and paying less. (Your welcome).

We have also dipped our toes into custom branding. Not only is it neat that your company might buy our bikes and then let you ride them gratis, but it’s also pretty awesome that if you book the deal between Heritage and your company, you get a kickback. You are officially hired to work for Heritage Bicycles on commission. Welcome to the team! So now you know what has happened already.

Let’s talk about what is happening soon.

Join us on Thursday, March 28th, at 7:30pm for a musical Heritage night. John Greenfield will be here singing and playing spoof classics about Jean-Paul Sartre meeting Simone deBeauvoir, and having mad crushes on girls who work as bike messengers. Bring a beer (or 12) and enjoy the ambiance and the fact that soon we will be doing things outdoors again.


Stumptown’s very own Mike Horgan will be at the shop hosting a coffee cupping and tasting on Friday, March 29th at 11am. Bring your friends and family, get ultra-caffeinated, throw around phrases like “earthy juicy molasses mouth feel,” and spit coffee grounds in a cup. Honestly, we think it’s super fun and there won’t be any turned up noses.

Finally, the People Spot (That sweet little park the City put out in front of our shop last summer) will be returning to us in the beginning of April! You will be happy drinking coffee outside, your dogs will be happy sitting with you while you drink coffee outside and we will be happy watching you drink our coffee outside. It’s a win-win-win.

Watch for our spring drink specials, which will also be coming in April, along with the re-institution of the Cold Brew on tap. We’re not sure anyone has missed that as much as Melissa Salvatore, but we are gearing up to find out.

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