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Heritage Bicycles Outpost collaboration with Flats Chicago

The story goes like this. We were on the hunt for the perfect bicycle collaboration for The FLATS brand, and while driving down Lincoln Ave., we discovered the Heritage General Store. What made this even more fortuitous is that we were also in search of a coffee partner – mission accomplished. “Heritage General Store is a retail mash-up of a couple’s, as well as the hipster culture’s twin obsessions: bicycling and coffee. In 2012, Melissa and Michael Salvatore, opened up their bike store-cafe, where customers can peruse hand-built bicycles while enjoying a croissant and a cup of Stumptown coffee.” —Martha Stewart Living.  We began creating the FLATS™ bicycles then and there. With an amazing cup of Stumptown Coffee in hand, so began the concept of HERITAGE OUTPOST. The Heritage Outpost takes the Bicycles and Coffee concept one step further by adding one component, FLATS. Heritage prides itself on serving the highest quality coffee and creating some of the world’s finest bespoke bicycles with an effortless confidence that we find contagious. So, now you can roll out of bed into your FLATS lobby (a.k.a. Heritage Outpost), grab a cup of coffee, and have a seat at our community table or just hop on a custom bicycle and take a spin – we’ll let you do the choosing.


Heritage Outpost begins serving up Stumptown coffee (and a bit of culture) in select FLATS lobbies mid 2013.



Heritage Bicycles Outpost collaboration with Flats Chicago

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