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We'll admit if it wasn't for a hearty cappuccino every morning we don't know how we would have gotten through this winter. There's something about the smell and taste of coffee and the warmth of a hot cup in our hands that is reassuring whenever nature decides to prank the city with another five inches of snow.

Coffee is booming in Chicago with companies like Intelligentsia, Asado, Metropolis and La Colombe doing wonderful wholesale business. Intelligentsia under Doug Zell has grown to the point where it is seen as an industry leader standing side by side with Starbucks, with cafes located across the country.

Chicagoans who want to drink their java from a smaller more local option have many choices at their disposal, some within blocks of each other. We've gathered our favorites for this week's best of listicle and we're certain the discussion will focus, as always, on what readers feel is missing. So have at it and let's open a discussion.

Yes, Heritage General Store is technically a custom bicycle shop. It’s also one of the best places to work remotely in the city, because Portland’s Stumptown beans make for a deep, rich brew while ample natural lighting casts a happy glow on even your grumpiest customer. And if you’re feeling squeezed for elbow room at the communal table of artfully distressed wood beneath a chandelier of repurposed bike rims, picnic tables await you outside. Supplying Mast Brothers chocolate bars, Glazed and Infused donuts, Southport Grocery cupcakes, and Milk and Honey granola, this is urban Americana at its sweetest, while their house vegan chocolate-pecan cookies have become a personal addiction. If by chance you don’t ride your own set of wheels over, come here often enough and you almost certainly will. The floor models possess absurd amounts of vintage charm, as do the baristas.

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