The GQ 100: The Best Specialty Shops in America

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They say you can judge a man’s style by his dress shoes. We’d argue the same goes for his hat, his specs, and the way he smells, too. Here, we present the top houses of accessories, finishing touches, and smell-goods, where the staff of experts knows every little thing about all the little things. Go in and nerd out with them if you like—or simply trust what they tell you and know that you’re killin’ it.

There is a massive painted sign on the brick wall outside of Chicago’s Heritage Bicycles that reads “Bikes & Coffee.” And quite honestly, we couldn’t describe the shop better than that. Where else, really, can you get a flat white while your flat tire gets fixed? In the front you’ll find coffee, and in the back you'll find everything you could want to make your ride better. Helmets, locks, even bags for your entire haul that won’t get in the way. Plus you can buy—or just ogle—any of the shop’s impressive built-in-Chicago bikes. Started by local guy Mike Salvatore and his wife, Melissa, the shop's coupling of coffee culture and bike culture has turned it into the type of place you wish were on every corner in your hometown. It’s bright, inviting, and full of people who look to be industrious on their laptops—without any of the ones who want to tell you about it. It’s the vibe—undeniably welcoming and refreshingly unhurried—that keeps us coming back every time we swing by the Windy City.—John Jannuzzi

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