Bike Services

Flat Fix

From $17.00

Flat tire got you down? Pick yourself up with a free small cup of coffee on us while you wait. Safety check and tube included in price.

Tune Up

From $75.00

This is a complete tuneup of your bike. Our dedicated mechanics clean your bike, adjust your shifting and brakes, true your wheels, and adjust the hubs. Then, the entirety of the...

Bike Assembly

From $95.00

Did you get get a brand new bike and need a professional to build and tune your new ride? We've got you covered! Your bike will be carefully lubed, assembled,...

Bike Paint Job

From $150.00

Refresh your trusty frame with a new paint job. Heritage can powder coat your steel or alloy frame and fork, breathing new life into an old friend, and offering some corrosion protection...

Custom wheel building

From $50.00

We proudly offer quality custom wheel building at Heritage Bicycles. Whether it be a new wheel with a Sturmey-Archer geared hub for your city bike, or a tubular wheel set...

Wrap Handlebars


Drop bars, city bars, doesn't matter. We professionally wrap your handlebars in tape of your preference. Leather, cork, etc. Price of wrap not included.

Winter Bicycle Storage

From $72.00

Would you like to keep your bike warm and dry, out of the Chicago winter? Need some space in your apartment while you're not using it? Keep your bike out of the...

Ship bikes


We can box your bike for shipment so it's arrives safe and ready to assemble and ride. Great for races, travel, or moving. 

Drivetrain Clean


Gunk in your drivetrain can lead to bigger problems. We take the time and elbow grease to soak and scrub your drivetrain. Chain, gears, derailleurs, etc. all get a well...

Cable Install

From $22.00

Frayed brake or shift cables? Brakes sticking? This can cause more damage than it looks like and could be dangerous. Nothing makes a bike feel fresher than some brand new,...

Hub Overhaul


Front or rear hub overhaul. Disassemble, clean, grease, repack bearings, and adjust cones.

Tubular Tire Gluing

From $60.00

Let us deal with the sticky tape and glue fumes! We'll glue up your new rubber for $60 per tire, or $100 for a pair.

Brake Adjustment


 Are your brakes rubbing? Not enough stopping power? A little bit of expert attention can go a long way to increase the fun and safety of your ride. Priced per...

Bottom Bracket Overhaul


Bottom bracket giving your trouble but not need to be replaced. We can save most loose ball bearing bottom brackets by thoroughly cleaning, repacking, and greasing the bearings.

Bottom Bracket Adjust


Hearing a sound when you pedal? Could likely be your bottom bracket coming loose. We will inspect and adjust the bottom bracket, special tools and expert attention are required to...

Bottom Bracket Install


Got a new bottom bracket you need installed? We have the tools and experience to do it right. Parts not included.

Brake Install


Got a new set of brakes you picked up and want on your bike? Have them professionally installed to avoid damage or danger. Priced per brake, cables and housing not...

Cut Fork


We cut your fork to your desired length. Does not include installation.

Derailleur Adjustment


Not shifting right? Bring the bike in for our mechanics to adjust your shift system. Priced individually for front and rear derailleurs. Cables will be pulled and lubed, derailleur hanger...

Front Hub Adjust


Proper adjustment the cones on your front hub will ensure a smooth and resistance free ride and will increase the life of your wheel.

Rear Hub Adjust


Proper adjustment of your rear cone and axle will ensure a smooth and resistance free ride and prevent damage to the hub if loose.

Headset Adjust


Headset loose? This can cause a lot of damage to a frame and is unsafe. 

Headset Install


Need to replace your headset? Simple upgrade or replacement of an old and sticky headset makes a big difference in rider comfort. Parts not included.

Headset Overhaul


Your headset sticky and not moving as it should? We will inspect all the parts and repack and grease the bearings.

Ream Headtube


Imperative after a bike gets painted to have the headtube reamed to remove any excess paint or metal to ensure a clean and proper fit of a headset. Labor intensive...

Shifter Install


Whether it's a downtube friction shifter or indexed bar shifters, go through your gears with ease. We professionally install all types. Priced individually, parts not included

Spoke Replace


Broken Spoke? This can cause further damage to a wheel and can be dangerous and can lead to more damage. Price includes service and one (1) spoke.

Wheel True


Wheel out of round? Causing rubbing against your brake pads? Increase the life of your wheel and joy of your ride by truing your wheels. Priced individually.

Tire Install

From $10.00

Let us swap out your old tires for some fresh rubber. $10 per tire.

Heritage CX Service Season Pass


Cyclocross destroys you and your bike every week and maintenance necessary but expensive.  We have the coffee and pastries to make YOU feel better and the mechanics to make your...