Bike Paint Job

Refresh your trusty frame with a new paint job. Heritage can powder coat your steel or alloy frame and fork, breathing new life into an old friend, and offering some corrosion protection to boot. We can paint accessorie or components to match as well (call or email for a quote). Full color line-up available here. We use top quality powder coats for peak durability and low environmental impact. We can disassemble and reassemble your bike for an additional $125, and we perform a full tune-up after assembly.


Paint and Powder Coat F.A.Q:

How long does it take to get my frame back after I drop it off or ship it to you?
Turn-around time is 8 to 12 weeks for painting, not including shipping time.

Do I need an appointment to drop off my bike?
Not at all! Come by the main shop during normal bike room hours (10am to 7pm weekdays, 9am to 6pm weekends during the winter) and our skilled staff will help you pick out a color from our stack of samples, and get the painting process rolling.


Can I ship my bike/frame to you for paint?
Yes! Please read this F.A.Q. in its entirety, and fill out the form below. Make sure include your contact information in the shipping box as well. You are responsible for all shipping costs and labor associated with boxing and shipping on top of paint service costs. Any questions after you read the F.A.Q. and fill out the form? Give us a call: (773) 245-3005 or email bikeroom@heritagebicycles.com.


Is the existing paint removed from the frame, fork, and other parts?
Frames and parts are media blasted before paint. No need to strip the paint on your own. The media blasting process is gentle, so your frame is not damaged. But, all finishes will be removed from your frame.


Do you paint carbon/titanium frames?
Short answer: no. Even if raw carbon is used, the oven baking process needed to cure the spray powder coat would weaken the glue holding the resin together. Titanium is also a difficult material to paint, and we are unable to offer that service. Also, neither carbon nor titanium would stand up to our blasting material. But still, all steel and aluminum frames, forks, and accessories are welcome!


Can you paint my suspension fork, or dual suspension mountain bike?
We'd love to, but we can't, due to the materials and tolerances needed for proper function of your fork or suspension linkages.


Can you paint a frame multiple colors?
You choose the paint color for every bit, but we can only have the capacity spray one paint color per part. So if you want your frame to be blue and the fork to be white, we can do that! But unfortunately, we can't do blue and white on the frame together. We have plenty of colors to choose from to make your bike stand out.


Is it possible to save the chrome/logo/decal that is already on the frame?

The whole bicycle is media blasted to prep for an even coat, so the only thing that will remain on the frame after blasting are the metal bits. Chrome plating, decals, and pre-existing paint will be gone. Masking them is not an option, due to the nature of the spray powder process.


Will you media blast a frame to prep it for another painter?
Yes! No problem! Media blasting is $75, and also takes 4 to 8 weeks.


Do you apply decals?
We can and do. We are not able to have them put under clear coat due to the nature of the spray powder process, but the best way to go about this is for you to source decals, and apply them yourself. High-quality vinyl decals can have a very long life on a powder coat. We will apply simple vinyl decals for $20. Wet transfer decal application is $50 for a pair. We can print custom vinyl decals as well, which start at $50 for art, printing, and application.


Do you paint wheels or rims?
Unfortunately, at this time, we do not paint rims or wheels, no matter the material.


Will you paint my tandem/trike/go kart/golf ball washer?
As long as it's steel or aluminum, we can probably paint it. Tandems are usually $150 for a frame and fork, trikes and other large items we have to quote on a case-by-case basis. Call the shop or swing by with your item and we can give you an assessment and quote.


RAL Color Pallete - Please reference the RAL code.


Email bikeroom@heritagebicycles.com for custom quotes.  

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