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Heritage Daisy for Graduate Hotels Minneapolis


Imagine a fleet of perfectly designed, beautifully tailored American-made bicycles sporting your company’s logo and representing you all across the city.


Grey Goose Bicycle | Heritage Bicycles and Coffee

 Heritage Bicycles would be proud to make your dream a stunning reality. After successfully partnering with such companies as Microsoft, PanAm, Chicago Athletic Association, Made Movement, Sterling Bay, and the Lincoln Hotel, we are inviting you to join the list of American companies supporting local businesses and American craftsmanship.


Pan Am Daisy Clipper by Heritage Bicycles


Heritage Pan Am Heritate Pan Am America Pan Am America


Our steel frame bikes are made by the highest-quality artisans and have been featured in publications from Martha Stewart to GQ. We stand by not only our durability and functionality, but also the visual appeal of our vintage-inspired, handmade bicycles. At Heritage we see our bikes as classical, timeless, and stylish—and, even better, fully customizable to fit your needs and aesthetic. When you are done sorting through the range of custom colors, hand painted lettering, die-cut decals, laser cutting, and leatherwork options, you will be looking at a 100% unique, fully branded bicycle.



Good Beer Hunting x New Belgium Slow Ride bike by Heritage Bicycles


GBH x New Belgium Chief by Heritage Bicycles and Coffee New Belgium Slow Ride Bike New Belgium Slow Ride Bike


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We would also like to reward you for your loyalty and support by offering a free bike to anyone who connects Heritage with a company or group that orders 10 or more bikes. We will gladly takes tips and referrals at




Heritage Bicycles Intelligentsia Black Cat Bike | Heritage Bicycles and Coffee 


Heritage Bicycles Intelligentsia Bike | Heritage Bicycles and Coffee 




Heritage Bicycles fleet bikes for hotels


 Employee bicycles for Made Movement