Bike Stuff


Do you ship internationally?

-Yes we do. We ship world-wide, inquire to orders@heritagebicycles.com with delivery address for shipping cost estimate.


Can I test any bikes outside of Chicago?

-Yes you can, we are developing dealers across the country. If you think your local bike-shop should carry our Heritage Bicycles put them in touch with us at sales@heritagebicycles.com 


Can I paint my bike any color?

-Yes, you can paint just about any color. Here is a link to our powder coat offerings. More specialty paints available; metal-flake, translucent, clear-coat, matte finish, glow-in-the-dark, and more. Custom decals, graphics and logos can be hand-painted or vinyl cut decals upon request.

Do you offer braze-ons on your frames?

-Yes we do. Our frames are handmade in small batch productions, for a small fee we can add braise ons for cable guides and rack mounts with exact specifications. Give us a call and let's talk bikes.


What size bike should I get?

-Measure your inseam and email orders@heritagebicycles.com with your findings. We can 


Do I need an appointment to build a custom bike?

-No appointment necessary, however a call (773.245.3005) or email (sales@heritagebicycles.com) is appreciated. We can make sure we have options and sizes available for what you may be interested in.


What do I need to assemble my bike?

-We recommend having a professional mechanic complete final assembly on your bicycle. Each bike is fully assembled and test-ridded before being packed and shipped. We then disassemble for packaging, removing saddle/post, pedals, handlebars, front wheel, and fenders if applicable.  


Do you have more custom bike options than what is shown?

-Absolutely, we can source just about anything on the market in the bicycle industry. We are excited to try new products and can advice on what will fit.


How long does it take to build a custom bike?

-Typical custom bike build time is 30 days plus or minus a few days depending on the season. We can expedite a custom bike for an additional cost. Call us for current in-stock colors and parts.


Where are you frames made?

-Right here in Chicago, IL USA!


Can I add brakes to my bike?

-Yes you can, the Daisy, Chief, and Jane all accept caliper, coaster, and drum brakes, the Goblin only allows for coaster brakes and or drum brakes.


Do you offer any sales on bikes?

-Seasonally we let go of floor models used for rentals and test-rides for up to 50% off retail, but hurry they are in very limited quantities each year.


Can I use my own parts on a custom build?

-Please check with our mechanics for compatibility but yes we are willing to work together with custom projects.


Do you sell frames only?

-Yes we do, we can help you pick the right parts for it all to fit!  Please inquire with sales@heritagebicycles.com for details.


Do you build fully custom bikes and frames?

-Yes. We can tailor a bit perfectly to your needs. Fully custom frames are on a case-by-case basis, please inquire about our capabilities and pricing.


How much to ship a bike normally?

-Typical cost to ship a bike inside the continental United States is usually around $50 only. Shipping to a business or local UPS/FedEx facility for pick-up is encouraged to save cost and risk.


Do you complete manufacturing projects outside of bicycles?

-Yes we do, we have made tap-handles, wooden kids toys, displays and other items, please inquire about your project to info@heritagebicycles.com


Do you offer bulk discounts for your bikes?

-Yes, 5 or more at a time will get you a generous discount.


Do you build branded bikes for business promotions or hotel rentals?

-Yes, we have worked with many great brands in the past, Pan-Am Airlines, Lincoln Hotel, Tsubo, and Microsoft just to name a few.


Do you offer wholesale for your products?

-Yes, please contact sales@heritagebicycles.com for details. Please refer your favorite local business that you think should carry Heritage Bikes.



Internet Orders 

Do you offer gift wrap?

-Coming soon!


Do you offer gift cards?

-Yes, however they are redeemable only in store.


Do you accept returns?

-Yes we do, you can see our return policy here.


My package arrived damaged, what should I do?

-Call us immediately (773.245.3005). Save all the original packaging, no packaging = no insurance claim.


Can I return an item I bought online in-store?

-Yes you can, but only to Heritage HQ at 2959 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60657


What size helmet do I need?

-Measure the circumference of your head, just where a baseball hat would sit. There are size charts on each helmet, we recommend sizing up if your are close.


Are more colors/options/sizes available?

-Possibly, inquire with our friendly staff. For most of the products we carry we have a good relationship with the manufacturer and vendor. Sometimes we are privy to options, offerings, and news about current and new products.



General Store Info


Do you host private events?

-Yes we do, we host events of all kinds, from bands, beer release parties, baby-showers, wedding receptions, we have done it all. Please email events@heritagebicycles.com for details.

Can we use your space for a photo-shoot?

-Probably, just contact us. Day rates apply for private use, flexible depending on the project.


Do you lend bikes for photo-shoots and events?

-Yes we do, please contact us for info.


Do you rent bikes?

-No, we do not rent bikes at the moment. Some legal liability concerns in the City of Chicago has barred our rental program until this is figured out.


Can my group meet at your space?

-Sure, just let us know when, what, how many, etc and we can likely make it work.


Do you have parking?

-You can catch free parking right in front of the shop when the people-spot is out for the season. Street parking is readily available in Lakeview. You have to pay at metered spots or dive off onto a side street (Wellington is great West of Racine), but watch out for zoned parking spots. Do not park in the alley, those spots do not belong to us. 


Do you have bike parking?

-On our property alone we have 5 secure bike racks and fencing to lock to. If you forgot a lock with permission you can keep your bike in back while you enjoy your coffee and donut.


How do I get to your store? 

-We are located on Lincoln Ave in Lakeview, just South of Wellington Ave. You can bike, walk, drive, fly, take the train, rollerblade, get pulled in a wagon, or pushed in a stroller. If you take the CTA train, we are only 4 short blocks West of the Wellington brown line stop, and not too much further from the Belmont Red/Brown/Purple Line Stop. The #11 Lincoln Ave CTA bus now only runs north to Fullerton which is only 3 major blocks south. Google Maps has a great app to provide safe bike routes.


Cafe Stuff


What kind of milk options do you offer?

- We serve whole and skim (or we can mix them for 2%!), additionally we also serve almond and soy milk.

Do you offer food items for restricted diets?

- Courtesy of Southport Grocery, we are able to carry a variety of sweet and savory items that are vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free!  Just check in with the barista on duty to find out what is available fresh daily.  Options include vegan blueberry muffins and cranberry scones, gluten-free cupcakes, and vegetarian soup and quiche.

What kind of coffee do you serve?

- Stumptown provides every bean we use in our cafe.  Originally out of Portland, Stumptown now has roasteries in Seattle, LA, and New York, the last of which ships all our coffee weekly.  Stumptown offers a huge single origin coffee menu rivaled by few other roasters nationwide, as well as a dedication to direct trade principles, which demand scrupulous attention to not only the quality of production but the quality of life offered to coffee workers internationally.

Do you have dark roast coffee?

- As part of an effort to encourage coffee drinkers to experience the flavors unique to each bean, we avoid classifying any coffee along the lines of “light, medium, or dark,” preferring to talk more specifically about the flavor notes inherent in the coffee, which the roaster’s light touch hopes to discover and accentuate.  We are thrilled when you ask us for recommendations and will happily steer a dark (or light, or medium!) enthusiast towards the coffee we think he or she will enjoy the most.  Check in with your barista to find out what is being served and what is available for retail.

Can I order caramel in my drink?

- We have, since our inception, made all our flavor syrups in-house, and by hand.  We use the freshest, most whole ingredients we can find, and base everything in raw sugar.  If you have had the pleasure of making caramel sauce by hand you know how finnicky it can be!  So we don’t offer a caramel sauce BUT we do make a vanilla syrup, a hazelnut syrup, and a chocolate sauce, which we use for mochas and hot chocolate.  (And, our chai concentrate is made in-house, as well!)


Do you have wifi?

-Yes we do, it's free and password protected, just ask.



-2959 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657



Heritage Littles

Where are you located?
-2868 North Lincoln Ave. Just south of the Lakewood,George and Lincoln Ave intersection. One block south of Heritage Bicycles.
Parking options?
-There is metered parking along Lincoln Ave and there is free street parking along Lakewood.
What are your hours for Heritage Littles and the Milk&Cookie bar?
- Wednesday - Sunday, 10 -6pm. closed on Monday and Tuesday
Do you host private events and birthday parties?
-But of course! General information - http://www.heritagelittles.com/pages/events
Feel free to give us a call at 773-242-9008 to obtain specific information or feel fee to come in and see the space first hand.

What ages are your kids bikes for?
-We have something with wheels for all ages up to 10 years old. The Heritage wagon is perfect for all ages. Then we start with the spherovelo recommended for 9months-2years and then theHeritage Bennett balance bikes recommended for 2 years - 5 years. They then move onto 2 wheels with Lil' Dutchi and Lil' Roadster recommended for the bigger kids! 
Can my kids test ride the bikes?
- We recommend it!  Your child is encouraged to take a bike for a spin inside the place to see if they are comfortable and how it fits their age. 
What food do you offer?
-A Milk&Cookie bar - what else do you need!?  
We currently have a variety of cookie options from Southport Grocery & Cafe along with a large variety of milks. The milk we pour is locally from Kilgus Farm.  
You will also find candy, yogurt, juices and iced coffee (to keep the adults sane)
coming soon...healthy lunch sacks for a picnic in the park.
What is the turn-around time for a balance bike? 
-The typical turn around time for a balance bike is two weeks. We custom make each and every one once you place your order with us.
Do you offer gluten free or vegetarian options?
-Depends on the variety of cookie we have that week. We try to stock them when we can!
What is the space like?
-You will find a retail shop with kids' bikes and active kid products such as wagons, teepees, 
kids clothes, bike accessories, helmets, and an amazingly over-sized "fat boy" bean bag chair.
Smack in the middle, you will see a Milk&Cookie bar where the kids can sit and chomp down a cookie and chug down some milk. 
And it truly is a one-stop shop where you can also schedule a photoshoot with A LIttle Photo Studio
What are the hours for A Little Photo Studio?
-By appointment - so give them a call! 773-299-8635
Take a look at the Littles Space: Click Here
Look beyond at a Little Photo Studio: Click Here