Food Services

As folks who take a little pride in our ability to make you some darned good coffee, we definitely respect the practice and patience that goes into making anything that’s worth having- food, drink, or otherwise.  Which is why we leave the crafting part of the Heritage cafe menu in the capable hands of our friends at Southport Grocery, who every morning bake the sweets, and simmer the savories so that we at Heritage can plate your breakfast scone, ladle your lunchtime soup, and bag up your afternoon cookie indulgence trusting that it’s some of the best you’ll find for miles.  Unless we sell out (which of course we always hope you’ll help us do!) each day you can expect to find a variety of scones (go crazy and get a vegan one-it’ll surprise you!), muffins, cookies, and biscotti to satisfy the sweetest of tooths.  And whenever you’re ready to get your savory on you can enjoy soup, quiche, and a variety of sandwiches (and including quite incredible breakfast sandwiches) which we will happily heat for you to hang out and snack on or wrap for you to take to your next stop.

Yes, we do have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options!  Please ask your barista for the day’s offerings.