Heritage RV

The Heritage RV, the Land-Yacht, Truck Norris, call her what you will, there is one thing for sure this recreational vehicle is good for, old fashion fun. 22 feet long from bow to stern, equipped with an external tap system for all beverages kegged, and outfitted with a bicycle service station what more do you need.
We are ready to pop-up on location and put out the good vibes in this cozy RV. Levi's used it as a VIP changing room, race teams have used it as a mobile support station, and we have popped up all over Chicago providing our services. It's a rolling party lounge outfitted for good times and lasting memories.
Contact info@heritagebicycles.com to schedule a visit.
Technical Specs: The RV was resurrected out of a Wisconson lawn, she's a '68 Dodge chassis outfitted by Norris in Tennessee. She's a rare beast, weighing in at 1.5 tons, 22 feet long and 12 feet tall. She sleeps 8 and drinks a gallon every two miles.