There's no better way way to help your guests get around, and add some romance to their stay, than providing gorgeous, American-handcrafted bicycles. Not only can you offer the opportunity for your visitors to enjoy the beauty of your city, but you can also help them lower their traveling expenses. Heritage would love to help your hotel design a unique bike-sharing program tailored to fit the needs of your customers and the image of your company.

Heritage mechanics will walk you through the process of designing your custom-branded bicycles, taking you through frame styles, color choices, bells, baskets, decals, and logos, until you have exactly what you envisioned. And, after the building is done and the bikes are delivered to you, we will provide maintenance equipment (wrenches, tubes etc.), as well as train your staff to take care of your fleet.  


We currently offer several pre-designed bike packages, but we are also happy to create custom packages based on the needs of your company. For more information please contact us at

1) Two Heritage Bikes: $2,000
2 custom bikes—$775 each
2 helmets—$110 each
2 locks—$50 each
1 bike rack—$130
Complimentary first maintenance (Chicago only)

2) Four Heritage Bikes: $3,300
4 custom bikes—$650 each
4 helmets—$100 each
4 locks—$50 each
1 bike rack—$100 
Complimentary first maintenance (Chicago only)

3) Six Heritage Bikes: $4,500    
6 custom bikes—$550 each
6 helmets—$80 each 
6 locks—$40 each
1 large bike rack—$480
Complimentary first maintenance (Chicago only)

4) Ten Heritage Bikes: $7,700
10 custom bikes—$550 each
10 helmets—$80 each
10 locks—$40 each
2 bike racks—$1,000
Complimentary first maintenance (Chicago only)

BED & BREAKFAST ($1,800)
2 custom bikes, his & hers matching models—$700 each
2 bike helmets—$100 each
2 locks—$60 each
Complimentary first maintenance (Chicago only)