Why buy a Heritage?

When looking for a new bicycle, there are far too many options for an affordable ride for the city. Some affordable rides are worth their salt, others are more dubious. If you are a new rider, the search can be daunting.

Buying a Heritage can take a lot of guesswork out of the process.

Our frames are built with love in here in Chicago, and each frame is hand picked, just for you. There is no need to search around for a start-up bike company that offers a bike in the style or color you so deeply desire, we offer over 50 custom colors for your new steed. Along with the wide color array, you can pick from 6 stock handlebar styles, specials on any Brooks saddle, chain guards, fenders, racks, baskets, geared hubs...seeing a pattern here? Your Heritage is YOUR Heritage, one of a kind, styled by you, and built with care by our caring bike staff.

We go beyond just customization, fettling with every small part of the bike, so they never have a chance to ruin your ride. Parts other big-box bike companies don’t think about, outside of a line-item on a budget sheet,  are topics of deep conversation here. We scrutinize unseen bits of a bike and ensure they meet our high standards. We utilize long-lasting bottom brackets, high quality rim strips, durable headsets, flat resistant tires, sealed bearing hubs, solid alloy pedals, and strong yet lightweight cockpit parts. These premium pieces are many cuts above what you see on bicycles at higher price-points. We stress over these aspects so your bike is ready for many miles of happy riding right out of the box.

Also, every single wheel that is bolted to a Heritage bicycle is hand-built, in Chicago, in our flagship shop on Lincoln avenue. You will not find hand built wheels on some of the most expensive race bikes sold in shops, let alone holding up a simple city cruiser. We take pride in producing a long lasting bicycle, and a good set of wheels makes for a lively, durable machine.

We could go on here about the dashing looks of our bikes, or the build quality we maintain, but we’d rather talk to you about YOUR new Heritage bicycle. Email info@heritagebicycles, or call the shop any time...we’d love to chat.

P: (773).245.3005
E: info@heritagebicycles.com