Lezyne KTV Drive Front bicycle light

A compact, high visibility LED safety taillight.
Compact, high visibility safety light with two ultra bright LEDs. Durable, waterproof construction. Super lightweight. Provides up to 180 lumens and six output/flash modes, including a super high-visibility Daytime Flash mode. Side Visibility cutouts for 180 degrees of visibility. Versatile 2-in-1 Clip-On System straps to bars or clips to loops. Integrated USB stick for convenient cable-free recharging. Available in pairs.
MAX RUNTIME: 12 hours (in Flash mode)

    Lezyne KTV lights are good to go on one charge for a week of short commutes. Easy charging anywhere there is a USB port makes this set a no-brainer as your main or backup light set. They're also bomb-proof and stone reliable: we've never had to warranty a single set of Lezyne lights in 5 years. Drop them in a puddle, have one fall and bounce along the pavement...no sweat. Extra straps are also available.