VO Porteur Rack

VO Porteur Rack


This is a traditional-style Porteur rack as used on the famous Parisian newspaper delivery bikes. Those Parisian delivery bikes were reputed to carry as much as 110lbs of newspapers on similar racks, but of course they had strengthened bike frames and forks, not only racks.

The VO porteur rack is made from strong stainless steel tubing and polished to a lovely shine. It won't rust like painted steel racks or fatigue and crack like aluminum racks. The quality is actually superior to that of many custom racks. In short, this is a real load-carrying rack, not an aluminum "style-rack".

The platform is about 36cm x 29cm. A removable rail attachment is included and very handy for smaller packages. Yet total weight with rail, nuts, bolts, etc. is only 1.079kg. Rail is removable.

The tangs are pre-drilled to fit 700c, 27", 26", and 650b bikes. There are four bosses for light attachment. There is a boss for securing your fender to the rack, no rattling. Please also note the elegant pannier/tie-down loops above the mounting tangs.

Mounting hardware is included. The Porteur rack mounts to the dropout eyelet and the brake bolt (or fork crown hole).

Click here to download instructions or take a look at the VO technical support page.


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